Fender Fuse software, the Remuda Android App, and the Mustang III/IV/V amps' Advanced Amp Settings allow users to control Presence for some of the modeled amps.


  • Tone adjustment for the ultra-high tones (more than 6 Khz and more). Adds more clarity to the sound. Given that the Celestion speaker of the Mustang is rated at 5Khz, you may notice the effect more when using a line out than using the internal speaker.
  • Presence is like a Treble knob for the Power-Amp, but not quite. It is a lot different than the Treble knob in the amp's EQ section.
  • Available on:
    • '57 Fender Twin
    • '59 Fender Bassman
    • Basic '90s
    • British '70s
    • British '80s
    • British Watts
    • Metal 2000