As a solid-state amplifier, featuring relatively complicated electronics, there are few popular mods made to the Mustang amps.

Swapping Speakers: Edit

While commonly referred to as "speaker upgrades", some Mustang users argue that "upgraded" speakers impart characteristics that undermine the Mustangs' ability to accurately model.

Fender Mustang III with Enimence Swamp Thang

Fender Mustang III with Enimence Swamp Thang

Rewiring Cab/Speaker Edit

My Les Paul forum member "NYC LP Player" shared a video on how to rewire the Mustang III's speakers to easily choose from the following options:

  • Option 1 - Run any amp into the combo's speaker
  • Option 2 - Use the combo normally
  • Option 3 - run combo to another cabinet (ex 2x10)
Fender Mustang "Cabinet Mod"

Fender Mustang "Cabinet Mod"

Custom Cabinets: Edit

Some examples of outstanding custom cabinets made to re-house Mustang amps:

Cherry Mustang

Cherry cabinet by TDPRI's "TurtleFang"

Retro Atomic Age Mustang

Retro "Atomic Age" Cabinet by TGP's UR2Funky

Mustang III (v2) Internal Photos:

See Fender Mustang Forums' thread for Thirteen (13) images posted by Forums member Patrick131184. Click on any image to access the linked image hosting site's large view of the image.

Fender Forums Thread Re: Caster Wheels For Mustang IV (v2) Amp

Image of Caster Wheels on Mustang IV (v2) Amp