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Fender's Mustang modeling amp series and Fender Fuse software offers a vast array of features and controls that can be mixed-and-matched to allow users to shape their tone, from subtle changes to wild extremes:

The company's decision to not offer a comprehensive guide has left many users scrounging the Web for answers. This is the place to find out more about the features of the amp and software. Consider this wiki to be "The Unofficial Guide to Fender Mustang Amps and Fender Fuse Software".

This guide couldn't have been done without the contributions of early owners that shared information on the Web. Please read Special Credit and Thanks. Corrections, additions, suggestions and clarifications are sought and welcome.

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Band Tracks Edit

On the Presets view (amplifier and effects), there's a BAND button that displays installed backing tracks. Of course, if you've never imported any, you won't see them. So first, import some backing tracks. Where do you get them?

  1. Click the Community button and navigat to Home (if you're not there alread) by clicking the house icon.
  2. Click the Download Band Tracks button. A list of tracks displays.
  3. Search and find one you want, and click the green DOWNLOAD button. The track details displays.
  4. Click the DOWNLOAD button again, and save the WAV file to your PC.
  1. Wait - you're not done.
  2. Click the MEDA LIBRARY button.
  3. Click the ADD TO LIBRARY button.
  4. Navigate to where you saved the WAV file(s), select them, and click Open. The file(s) are imported to the Band Track area.
  5. Click Main Menu >  View > Preset Editor to return to the Presets view.
  6. Click the BAND button, and select MP3/Wave. The dropdown displays your imported backing track WAV files. Select one, and click OK.
  7. Now you might have a backing track that plays on your computer - and not through your amp, as you would expect.

I say might, because it's likely that your file didn't download or downloaded a 6KB useless file, because Fender doesn't maintain their software.